Mixed Use properties may include retail or office spaces and residential units. Mixed use properties can be a great investments since they may offer the flexibility of different source of income for the owners. When purchasing  a mixed use property it is important to remember that getting a mortgage for a mixed use property may require few additional steps and therefore additional time.  


How much residential space does the mixed use property offer?

Usually an important factor to keep in mind is the ratio of residential unit to commercial units in the property.

Some mixed use residential lenders may not finance the property if the ratio of residential units is too low compared to the commercial units.  Also you maybe able to get CMHC insurance to lower your interest rate if the amount of residential space meets their requirements. The ratio between residential and commercial space may also impact your insurance costs therefore it is an important  factor to keep in mind when purchasing a mixed use property.  Additionally,  keep in mind that usually residential units maybe easier to rent or to lease but commercial spaces may offer a better return.

How much down-payment do you need to get a mortgage to purchase a mixed use property?

The down-payment required to get a mortgage for a mixed use property may vary on many factors including the  type of property, the income of the property and the location of the property. To get a better idea use my free estimate tool. 

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Finding the right lender

Finding the right lender is maybe the most important step to get a mortgage for a mixed use property. The right lender will provide a more flexibility and will better understand the value of a mixed use property. 

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