Industrial Property Mortgage

If you are looking to purchase an Industrial Property the more financing options you can get the more chances you will have to save time or to get approved. Getting a mortgage for an Industrial Property can be a long process and it may take some time to find out if the lender will approve your project. This is why it is a good idea to contact lenders that specialize in Industrial properties that can provide you with an initial quick feedback. If you are looking to get a commercial mortgage to purchase an Industrial Unit any of these properties may qualify :

  • Large Industrial Space
  • Warehouse
  • Workshop
  • Manufacturing Site or Space
  • Industrial Plan

The more financing options the more opportunities to save time and money!.

Getting a mortgage for an Industrial Property may required additional expenses then a regular commercial mortgage. For example a Phase 1 and in some cases a Phase 2 Environmental Report may be require to determine if there are any potential environmental issues.

But each project is different and each lender has different requirements. Let us help you find out the right lender to purchase your Industrial Unit.