Financing 4 + Multi Units properties

Mortgages for properties with 4 or more family units may have different requirements for lenders, it is important to know which lenders maybe interested in providing a mortgage for larger multi unit investments and what are their requirements or if you are buying a smaller multi family you maybe able to get better interest rates if the property has less then 4 units.




My name is Claudio Baiocchi and I am a Licensed Mortgage Agent and I manage a team of agents at Intrend Mortgage Inc. dedicated to financing Commercial properties. My team is dedicated in helping our clients getting approved for commercial mortgages specifically in getting Mortgages for Multi Family Properties , Mortgages for Apartments Buildings, Mortgages for Rentals properties and  Mortgages for Income generating properties. We have a network of top commercial mortgage lenders from banks to B  and private lenders specialized in financing investment properties and commercial properties. We can help you find the right mortgages for any commercial properties in Toronto or for commercial mortgages for properties anywhere in Ontario. I also have a license in Real Estate as a Sales Representative for Right at Home Realty Inc. and  CIPS Certification. Email us few details on the kind of financing that you are looking for and we will provide you with more info on what we can do for you   

Claudio Baiocchi –Commercial Mortgage Agent    Lic.#M19001142 

Ken Trieu     – –Commercial Mortgage Agent    Lic.# M190002634               

 Intrend Mortgage Inc. Brokerage License # 12586   

Mortgages for Multi Family Properties, Commercial Land Mortgages, Mortgages for Apartment Buildings and Commercial Second Mortgages 

You may already have realized that finding the right lender for your investment property may not be as easy as it seems. We specialize in finding mortgages for all kinds of investment properties for all kind of buyers. No matter where the property is located in Ontario we can help you look for the ideal financing option.

Commercial Financing

We can help your company finding expansion capital, Accounts Receivable and Business Line of Credits, Financing to purchase your own location and much more. Using our past business and management experience we can help you determine the best possible financing solutions for your business. 



Industrial Mortgages and Commercial Property Mortgages

When purchasing Industrial properties you may need to keep in mind that a Phase 1 environmental report maybe required depending on what kind of business is operating on the property. We have multiple contacts with companies specialized in Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental reports that can work with different lenders and that can provide support in the process to find a Mortgage to purchase an Industrial property.  We can also assist you in getting a Mortgage to buy an office space or to get a Mortgage to buy a new store or a larger warehouse anywhere in Ontario. 

Mortgages for Income Generating Properties

Mortgages for Income Generating Properties can be a great way to expand your real estate portfolio. Income Generating Properties can be easier to finance especially if they are generating good income. Each lender may have different requirements but some lenders may consider up to 100% of the income of the property that you are purchasing as part of the application.  Contact us by email with few details and we will get back to you with the possible financing options for your commercial mortgage.

Why it makes sense to work with a

Commercial Mortgage Broker

            Access to Capital 

We have access to over 50 lenders and we have a wide network of contacts specialized in commercial mortgages. Which means more opportunities to access capital for your next commercial mortgage.

We Specialize in Commercial Mortgages

We understand what lenders are looking for and what issues could come up when it comes to commercial mortgages so that we can provide valuable advice that could save you time and money.

  Save Time And Money!

Your time is money! Commercial mortgages can take a long time and without the right contacts your application can take much longer and often end up with poor results. Thanks to our previous experience and based on your requirements we can quickly give you some feedback!. 

Few more reasons to consider to let us help you get a Commercial Mortgage

   Less Impact on your Credit

Every time you apply yourself to a new lender a credit report is requested for you. This could lower our credit score. When you use a Mortgage Brokerage, we can run your report only once and use the same report with different lenders if necessary without impacting your credit score.

   All Fees Must Be Disclosed

By law a licensed mortgage agent has to disclose all fees involved in getting a commercial before you sign a commitment with any lender! Additionally by having more lenders to choose from, you could end up with a better interest rate and with substantial savings.

     We Understand The Issues

Based on our experience financing Multi Units and Commercial Properties we understand the possible issue that you could encounter when trying to get a mortgage. We can offer potential solutions and suggestions to help you resolve the issues.

JUST FEW of the Lenders that we work with for Commercial Mortgages 

We have access to OVER 50 LENDERS and we have wide network of lenders specialized in COMMERCIAL MORTGAGES. Here’s some of them:





More Lenders 

We have access to wide range of Lenders from Banks to Credit Unions and Private Money if necessary. Here’s some more of them:




Meridian Credit Union


InTrend Mortgage is a team of seasoned Commercial Mortgage brokers and residential mortgage brokers and agents that share a single focus – getting you a mortgage that fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for Toronto’s lowest mortgage rates or even more flexible terms – we can help create the perfect mortgage plan for you.


Since 2013, we’ve been helping people in and around Toronto understand how to save on their mortgage. It all adds up. Saving a percentage point here or there means more money in your pocket for everything from vacations to RRSPs.



Whether you’re looking to diversify an existing portfolio, invest in a rental property or even renovate and flip a home, InTrend Mortgage is here to help.

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