CMHC Insured Mortgages

Many people think that CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance can be used only for Residential Mortgages but that is not correct. You can get CMHC Insurance for Commercial Mortgages as well. There are some requirements that have to be met when it comes to Commercial deals but if you do meet the requirements CMHC Insurance can provide many benefits to your deal. Some of them could include a much lower down payment and better interest rates. The CMHC Insurance fees are usually added to the mortgage amount so you do not have to pay anything upfront.

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“CHMC Insurance for Commercial Mortgages can help you lower your down payment drastically” 


Highlights on News from CMHC Insurance for Commercial Mortgages




Canadian Housing Starts Trend Declines in May


“In May, the national trend in housing starts declined following several months of stability,” said Bob Dugan, CMHC’s chief economist. “


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Mortgage Loan Insurance: Standard Rental Housing 

CMHC mortgage insurance offers flexible tools to build, buy or refinance standard multi-unit rental housing. This includes financing options like